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Personal information protection policy

Winlight Co. Ltd. manages mobile content service development, provision, and operations as well as development consignment, debugging consignment, and human resources dispatching pertaining to mobile content, and handles personal information in a variety of forms.

Personal information collected by this company from customers and from its employees (hereafter referred to as "personal information") during its operations is regarded by this company as a very important information asset. This company recognizes that reliable protection of this personal information is an important social responsibility of this company.

Therefore, this company strictly adheres to all laws, ordinances, policies established by the state, and other regulations. In order to precisely handle personal information in good faith, this company will always consider the items cited below and do everything it can to protect the personal information of the customer.

Personal information protection policy

  1. The employees of this company uniformly recognize the importance of personal information. This company will collect, use, and provide personal information within the parameters necessary to carry out its operations objectives. This company absolutely will not use personal information for any other objectives. If it becomes necessary to use it for other objectives, it will only do so after receiving the assent of the person in question.
  2. This company will handle personal information in good faith in strict adherence to laws and ordinances pertaining to personal information, policies established by the state, other regulations (hereafter referred to as "laws, ordinances, and the like"), and our personal information protection management system. We will always endeavor to be aware of these laws, ordinances, and the like, inform employees working on our company's operations (hereafter referred to as "employees") and our clients of these matters, and abide by them.
  3. This company will in both technical and organizational terms create rational safety countermeasures and prevention measures with respect to leaking of personal information and risks of losses, damages, and the like. Also, in addition to making regular inspections of this service, we will also quickly rectify any violations, incidents, or malfunctions we have discovered, we will implement measures to prevent any weak points. We will exhaustively provide employees and clients with safety education.
  4. We will appropriately and swiftly respond to any complaints or inquiries concerning this company's handling of personal information or our personal information protection system. Also, we will firmly establish and set up a system and its procedures to enable this company to regularly provide appropriate responses.
  5. In order to appropriately use personal information and exhaustively protect it, this company will monitor and audit the state of adherence to rules within our company, endeavor to discover violations, incidents, malfunctions, and weak points, and have re-evaluations conducted by management. This company will continuously re-evalute and improve our personal information management system so that it reflects our internal rules and mamagement policies. Improvements will be based on laws, ordinances, and the like as well as JISQ 15001.

Date established: December 1, 2009
Date of last revision: December 1, 2009
Winlight Co. Ltd.
Representative Director Katsuhiro Fujimoto

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Personal information protection liaisonPerson in charge: Yuuma Sato