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By "Winlight Cross Platform" technology, we realized an online game that connects feature phones, smartphones, and Nintendo Switch™.

Winlight Co., Ltd. has announced that has realized online game (Elemental Knights R Online · Jannavi Online) that can play in the same environment on a platform with completely different specifications such as feature phone, smart phone and Nintendo Switch™ through its own multi-platform technology development.


  • It can be held independent of the data in the game and the communication platform for each device.

  • Deployment to other platforms is not "start from zero", improvement and accumulation of new functions is effective.

  • By increasing the server side processing ratio, it is hard to be influenced by the specification of the client device.

  • Resistant to changes in communication environment


  1. Unified database

    Even on hardware platforms with different specs, we are integrating game information with our own company authentication system (Winlight connect system). This allows you to take over the same data on different platforms.

  2. Multi-client development system

    We will provide to different platforms by flexible client development and improvement and operation of our company authentication system (Winlight connect system).

  3. Adoption of common payment system

    By unifying the settlement system in the core system and connecting it to the settlement system of different platforms, we are reducing the number of man-hours for managing KPIs and man-hours for implementation.


Customers can behave as the same player whatever game they start on any platform. Changes in the customer's Play environment will be absorbed by Winlight cross platform environment.

As a result, customers who started playing with feature phones have been keeping continuous play data even on hardware such as smartphones and Nintendo Switch ™ just after over 10 years.

Up to now, we have succeeded in the smooth transition of almost all customers, and we do not lose play data. This contributes significantly to the increase of game players.

  • Scalability

    New hardware technology can not be predicted. However, the cross-platform technology of Winlight, because of its flexibility, can handle any environment. It has applicability not only to Japan but also overseas hardware and game platform. In addition to the game platform, we also have a record of cooperation with real shops such as eating and drinking establishments.

Our contents

Winlight develops and provides online social games that allow all users to share feelings across the languages and platform barriers, as well as the differences in devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

We combine this technology developed by our company over the years with our own 3D drawing know-how, and we are pursuing further realism and depth of the world view in RPG, table game, action game.

Elemental Knights R Online
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"Elemental Knights" series began as a RPG game site in March 2006, service started at Feature Phone in August 2008, service started on smartphone (iOS / Google Play) in September 2011 And, celebrating the 10th anniversary in August 2018, from "the person who plays online RPG for the first time" to "those who enjoys various deep adventures", we celebrated the cumulative total of 3 million customers in the series.

It is the authentic full 3DMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) which supports world's first cross platform compatible with Nintendo Switch, smartphone, and feature phone.

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Jannavi Mahjong Online
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"Jannavi Mahjong Online" made the ultimate Mahjong's fascination, the essence, supervised by Mahjong pro Yousuke Ide masterpiece, and made it possible to play an unprecedented battle with PC and smartphone! You can enjoy hot opponents anytime at home or outside! Do not taste it with the computer absolutely "play with people" pounding, exciting, please try once by all means!

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